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Door to Door Valet Trash

Our trained and uniformed porter goes door-to-door collecting trash from residents while wearing our anti-drip shoulder harness or anti-drip collection container. Trash containers are taken to the on-site dumpster/compactor. After each collection we clean the areas around the dumpsters.


Apex Valet Trash redefines convenience when it comes to apartment recycling services, making it fast, easy and effective for residents and management alike to recycle responsibly.

Curbside Trash Collection

Multi-family trash collection varies which is why we also offer our curbside trash collection. Residents place their trash on the curb and we will collect it each morning and take it to the onsite compactor or dumpster.

Bulk Removal

Have large items that won’t fit in a dumpster or compactor? We don’t charge by weight, per item, nor give gas surcharges. We have a low-cost, flat-rate fee for on-call and scheduled bulk removal.

Common Area Collection

Our team will dispose of trash from mail centers, pool areas and other common areas in your community.

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